Choose Cloud Based School Management Software to Upgrade Your System

Can cloud based school management software really assist in improving the management of educational institutes? Yes, stand-alone or desktop based, web based or cloud based software are very effective in increasing the productivity and the efficiency of the educational institutes. If you are searching out for viable options, in order to upgrade your infrastructure, you are sure to benefit by focusing on cloud based school management software.

Adopt Cloud Computing:

Gone are the days when the schools used to be managed in the old fashioned ways. Now, the management of educational institutes needs to be on top of the things. One of the aspects they must care for being the techno savvy image of their school. Of course, it is not for the want of cosmetic effects, but, because it is the need of the time. One of the greatest strengths of the cloud based school management software

Summit Tech has developed a cloud based software solution which it has marketed under the name ‘School and Tuition Management System Software.’ Every effort has made to make it as comprehensive as possible towards meeting the needs of educational institutions. It helps the administrators responsible for the schools, colleges, universities and other educational campuses in streamlining the daily activities of their organizations.

Like every other business organization, educational institutes also need to keen an on their profit. As they get paid only by the parents of students studying with them, it becomes important for them to collect full amount of fees. They need to be reminded of their dues.


School and Tuition Management System Software automatically send the reminders. It sends Email or SMSs to inform parents about their pending dues. By taking up this task, the software frees up schools resources that it can utilize for its core functions. It saves the finance or the other staff from manually searching for the parents who haven’t yet paid the fees in full, and having time consuming telephonic conversation with them.

Student Management

Summit Tech’s cloud based school management software smoothens out the registration process for the student. It stores the details of the students, the courses chosen and other details in the cloud servers. Retrieving and updating this data is very easy as the software can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Teacher Management:

The software also stores teachers’ details in the cloud servers and authorized parents can access this data to know the professional qualification, experience, and other relevant information.

Parent Management:

The software also stores parent’s details in the cloud servers. The data is securely stored and it remains under tight wraps. IT wizards looking after these servers use state-of-the-art data protection techniques to keep the data secured. The data is transmitted between the user and servers in a highly coded encrypted form to protect its sanctity.

Scheduling Engine:

The software is a great help in handling the scheduling of classes and exams. It considers factors availability of class rooms, courses, summer or winter session, camps, extracurricular activities, sports, holidays, and other numerous things before coming with a time table.

Central Data Storage:

The software also allows the teachers to post assignments, project work, study material, notes to the central storage space. These are then accessed by the parent or students. The students as well as parents can post their questions or queries to this place. After completing their home work or the assignments students upload their work to this storage place. Teachers, on their part, can evaluate it and upload their evaluations, grades to this place.

Finger Scanners and Attendance:

The software uses biometric finger scanners to record the attendance of the students, teachers and other staff. The system cannot be fiddled with and gives accurate data. In fact, the software makes Dashboard reports available to the school administrators. These reports depict real-time data in graphical forms and are very useful in decision making. It is really useful for administrators supervising multiple campuses. They can even do it from their home.

Access Using Handheld Devices:

The beauty of cloud based school management software system is that it liberates its users from their primary workstations. They do not remain tied to their office computers. Even handheld devices like, smart phones or tablets that are internet capable can be used to access them. The users access the software through the internet browsers.

The cost of infrastructure for shifting from desktop based or web based software system is negligible. You do not need to invest in computer servers, equipments and for training your staff. You need to take a monthly subscription and pay fee to start using this software.